Men, Women, Gender Roles and Our Health

Gender and gender roles is always a hot topic in our society. Some say we are ‘equal, but different’, suggesting that we have some male/female, biological characteristics and traits. While others think we are basically the same, and it’s just a matter of our upbringing and ‘gender role expectations’ from society. But what does the science […]


Your Level of Happiness is Partly Genetic

Are we really 100% responsible for our own level of happiness, as some new age gurus claim? No, not according to The Institute of Happiness Research in Denmark. Their research shows that our level of happiness is actually partly genetic, and some people are simply more gifted in the ‘happiness department’ than others.   Your ‘Genetic […]


Overweight? It’s Time to Embrace the NEAT Factor

NEAT (NonExercise Activity Thermogenesis) is the energy (calories) you spend on everything that’s not BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), DIT (Dietary Induced Thermogenesis) or sports-like exercise. NEAT includes walking, taking a shower, housework, playing an instrument, gardening, having sex, standing in line at the supermarket etc. – and even small movements, like moving restlessly while sitting down. […]


Our Paleo Ancestors Got Cancer Too

Cancer is an awful disease, and you probably wanna do everything you can, to prevent it from hitting you. Still, it’s not possible to protect yourself 100%. Not even if you’re living ‘clean and natural’, and our paleo ancestors are proof of that. They lived the all-natural, paleo lifestyle, and yet, some of them got cancer.   […]


The Formula for a Happy and Healthy Marriage

Is there a formula for a long, strong, happy and healthy marriage? Yes, there is, according to gerontologist Karl Pillemer at Cornell University. He completed the largest study ever done in very long marriages. The average length of all the marriages was 44 years, and the couple with the longest marriage had been married for […]

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